Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping Up Fall

Although it wasn't official until last week, winter has been here for awhile now.  Freezing temps, bare trees and dark days long ago replaced the colorful leaves and sunshine I loved and appreciated so much in fall.  
Some of my favorite moments from the last bit of fall...

A trip to the coast

Thanksgiving in Eugene 
(first time at home for the holiday since 2009!)

And Thanksgiving round two in Portland

Date nights

Celebrating small moments and big milestones with our closest friends

Welcoming new family

A new season has begun and soon we'll start a new year.  We have lots to hope for and work for in 2014, and lots and lots to be thankful for too.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend in Bandon

Sometimes I forgot how lucky we are to be Oregonians.  
Some of the country's prettiest beaches and mountains are just a short drive away.  
Back in November Ryan and I ventured to Bandon, a small beach town on the southern coast of the state.  
It wasn't a short drive, but it was a beautiful one.


Pretty scenery, walks through Old Town, a Game Park with baby cats, some of my favorite seafood, the best candy store I've found to date, and cozy beachside fires.  
You're not too shabby, Bandon.