Monday, July 29, 2013

Over the Weekend I Learned...

-That a plan for a weekend away in Newport can quickly turn into a weekend home alone when your husband is an on-call wild land firefighter

-That 28 (ok, ok practically 29) doesn't make you too old for a slumber party with the girls...
but it does make you too old to fall down in the street (in front of roughly 150 people) and scrape your knee, foot and elbow
(which I did)

-That pedi-cabs are a great mode of transport 

-That summer in the Pacific Northwest really is almost perfect 

-That a bar in a mall is not as weird as I thought it would be 

-That this (very short) book is proving impossible to finish...
but that I've got to get it done by Wednesday in time to see the movie! 
-That the Brewer's Festival is just as fun as I remembered it being...
(and is great for people watching!)

-That huckleberry beer is not as delicious as it sounds...
but that pineapple vodka with jalapeno sweet and sour mix is even more delicious than you would think 

-That it's perfectly acceptable to stay in PJs until 3:00 pm

-That this show really is as good as everyone says...
(and may cause people to stay in their PJs until 3:00 pm) 
and that this show gets worse every week

-That I still really don't know how to work the coffee maker without Ryan here to operate it for me...
but luckily there are way too many coffee shops in Portland

-That this place rivals my favorite spot for happy hour in town...
and I need to get back there asap 

-That three-day weekends are great, but four-day weekends are wonderful

-That dinners at home with family are just as good as any fancy meal out
(or even better)

-That I really miss my honey when he's gone...
but that I have the best girlfriends and family to spend time with...
and I am truly lucky

Only four more days until next weekend :)
Really hoping my honey is home!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Streets of Portland: North Williams

Many of Portland's neighborhoods have bloomed during the time we spent abroad.  The transformation of unkempt streets, abandoned buildings and deteriorating homes into welcoming, funky, and popular areas is incredible.  

Clothing boutiques, thrift shops, home decor stores and ice cream parlors are popping up one strip of Williams Avenue in north Portland.  Trendy restaurants and cocktail bars now serve everything from Jewish food to Peruvian eats.  We went for brunch here recently and took a walk around Williams to see what we could see.


What new neighborhood can we explore next?

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Special Occasion

Tonight Ryan and I went on a good old fashioned date.  
It was a Monday, and not a special day--besides the fact that we were apart all last week while Ryan was working on a wildfire in central Oregon and we missed each other.

He picked me up (from work) like a true gentleman and we tried to go to one of our old favorites (closed) so we chose another great place for happy hour.  
We sipped mojitos and margaritas, ate way too much gourmet Mexican food, and then capped the evening off with the much loved ice cream from Salt & Straw.

There are no pictures because I went out straight from work, my hair was a mess, my clothes were not cute, and I spent my day chasing after three year olds... 
So when I tell you it was a wonderful evening, you'll just have to take my word for it.

And that brings me to this quote.  
It doesn't take a fancy night out, a fresh new outfit, or cute hair to make an evening something special.  And taking advantage of summer evenings with my sweetheart need no special reason.

There's always a reason.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Butte Ranch, My Happy Place

The (almost) week we spent at my grandparent's vacation home in Black Butte recently was nearly perfect as it always is.  Together Ryan and I relaxed, took walks, read, and hiked. 


We even got to see some college friends while we were there.


We made fires on the cooler days, cooked dinners, watched movies, woke up late to Bloody Mary brunches, had nightly happy hours at home, and appreciated the beauty that is central Oregon.  


We also raked the endless stack of pine needles in the front yard and Ryan spent some time on a new decoration for the house.
 {see his first project here}

It's so hard to leave every time.
Hopefully we'll be back before summer's end.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Favorites From June

Cooking up fresh seafood from our beach trip

Weekend in Eugene visiting family 

Sunday Brunch

Summer Farmer's Market

Reunion with out of town girlfriends

Jam making with mom

Beautiful Oregon
Dining al fresco

Boat rides on hot days

Central Oregon vacation

Wedding celebration with great friends

Wise words

Summer is just getting started!