Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photo Shoot

Hello from the Philippines!  We are at our second destination El Nido, sitting beachfront enjoying the cool breeze and sounds of the sea.  More on our trip to come... But first, this.

Last weekend we awoke before the sun and headed to Hauendae Beach for a photo shoot.  Photographers Jill and Aaron are newlyweds who met in Busan and got married last summer.  They were so sweet and so much fun to work with.  We are bummed we didn't meet them sooner than our last weekend here.  

Go here to see the photos from our shoot.  We couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Four-Year-Old Gangnam Style

Yesterday was our last day of work.  We are now officially unemployed. :)  

There are tons of stories, photos (and tears) from our last day, but not much time now.  
We are off to the Philippines this evening (!) and have to be put the final touches on packing, cleaning and pedicuring.  
For now I leave you with this: My favorite class, whom I've taught every day since last September, serenading me with Gangnam Style.  

Ok, now I'm crying again, but smiling at the same time.  
I guess that's the thing about change.

On Leaving

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oktoberfest Send-Off

Last weekend we had Korean shabu-shabu for dinner.  

For this meal meat or seafood is tossed into a large pot on the table along with veggies, rice cakes and tofu.  More fresh veggies accompany the meal as do rice papers to wrap it all up and sauce to top it all off.  
So good!

 Later that night we had drinks at Busan's best brewery, the same place we had our first going away party in 2011.
We spent hours that evening laughing with friends, saying goodbye and celebrating Oktoberfest, Korean style.

Ryan and his new friend were politely asked to get down from their place on the table...
Such a fun night out.  


This weekend our time has been consumed with our kindergarten's drama festival.  
 Pictures to come!  

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Days, Drifting Away

Happy fall!
It's hard to believe that summer is over.  In the cold, dark days of winter it seemed like it would never come.  Now, too quickly my favorite season has reached its end.

We may not have done every little thing on our to-do list, but this summer was wonderful nonetheless. 

Mostly we enjoyed the simple things.
*Picnics in the park *Fancy summer drinks *Lazy days at the beach 
*Reunions with old friends  *Sunsets at the wine bar 
*Homemade pesto *Fresh grilled seafood
*My best friend's visit  *Celebrating 28
*Relaxing evenings together



 The end of summer brings the end of our thirteen month stint in Busan.  

In a few days we'll pack up our last few things, descend the stairs of our apartment for the last time and say goodbye to Korea.  
We have loved our time here and truly appreciate what this experience has brought us, not once, but two times.  
We are unbelievably excited for our next adventure and can't wait to see what the future holds.  

We plan to enjoy each and every minute.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maroon 5 in Busan

Maroon 5 came to Korea last Friday, and they just so happened to be playing at Busan's main sports complex, a ten minute walk from our apartment.  
I took it as a sign and booked tickets the day they were available.

Although he wasn't thrilled at first, even Ryan had to admit it was a great show.  
Openers The Cab were good too.

"All I ask is that they play She will be loved," I said to Ryan, halfway through the show.
"All I ask is that they DON"T play Moves like Jagger," Ryan responded.  I had to agree.

They played both.

I was totally "that girl."  Can you just picture Ryan behind the camera? :)

The Typhoon

For my birthday last month I got a special present--a warning for Typhoon Bolaven.  A typhoon is technically the same as a hurricane, but on the western side of the Pacific.
  Nothing much materialized from the storm on this side of South Korea, besides some intense wind and a downpour or two, and to be honest we were a little let down.  Of course we were happy to be safe, but we were at least hoping some classes would be cancelled.  
Last Monday, we got our wish.

On Friday last week we got word that another storm, this time category one Typhoon "Sanba," was on its way.  We weren't in a rush to worry since Bolaven was so anticlimactic.  
However, on Monday morning we awoke to some fierce wind and sideways rain.  

Even though all of morning classes were cancelled, we still had to go into work only slightly later than usual.  Don't get me started....  

Once our administration realized this typhoon was for real, they sent us home, just one hour after we'd arrived.  
The walk home from school was an interesting one.  My umbrella had met its untimely death on the way into school, so Ryan and I were sharing his, each clinging to one side to prevent it from turning inside out or blowing away completely.  Signage from restaurants and buildings littered the streets and sidewalks.  Ryan and our co-workers did their best to securely bend a large metal sign around a tree to keep it in one place.
 Power was out and policeman frantically directed traffic.

This video gives you a little more insight.

The beach was hit even harder, as was the riverside in neighboring Gyeongju.

We were safe and sound and got to spend the evening packing and relaxing as the storm dissipated. 

 There won't be many more evenings in our Busan apartment.  Five days until departure!  Between now and then... hopefully there won't be any more typhoons.

Monday, September 17, 2012

From Seafood to Socks

Jagalchi Fish Market is quite the place.
A few weeks after our initial arrival in Korea our co-workers took us there to experience it.  
We did the same for Erin when she was here, minus the meal of live octopus.  I think she was grateful for that.

Opposite the indoor market is a long stretch of booths with vendors peddling their goods.

Ryan did his Sunday night frisbee thing as Erin and I continued the evening strolling though the nearby Gukje Market.  
The seemingly never-ending alleys are packed with clothes, shoes, electronics and accessories.  You name it, they've got it.  
Just don't name limes.
Among the shiny things we spotted this winning tee. 
You can't make this stuff up.

I passed on the shirt, but couldn't resist matching socks for Ryan and me to honor the song of the summer.
Can't you just hear it in your head?

Erin and I spent her last night in Busan watching our favorite '90s movie.  
It was just the same as it was when we were twelve, except we were in my apartment in South Korea and ten minutes into the movie my husband came home.
Ah I miss my bestie.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes From a Sunny Sunday

We spent Erin's last weekend sightseeing in Busan.  
Of course we took her to Hurgsiru to experience a traditional Korean meal.  The flavorful side dishes kept coming and coming.
 Dessert was sweet sikhye and juicy grapes.

After lunch we wandered through the restaurant's museum and courtyard.


Two of my favorite people, ever. :)

Next it was on to our favorite temple, Yonggunsa on the water.
Make a wish and drop a coin in the bowl so it comes true.

It was so much fun to share some of our favorite local places with Erin.  
We miss you!