Thursday, March 3, 2011

Underground Excursions

A surprising amount of businesses are housed within Busan's subway stations.  There are the standard convenience stores and newspaper vendors, but the larger stations offer much more than that.  Numerous owners of small restaurants, coffee shops and clothing boutiques wait for customers below ground.  

Last rainy Sunday, Ryan and I shopped around at Seomyeon, Busan’s downtown area which is famous for its particularly large underground shopping.  Two long narrow hallways parallel each other, with four total rows of stores to entice subway passengers and shoppers.  Some shops are too small to enter if other patrons beat you inside. 

We spent a couple hours browsing through racks of funny cartoon and English shirts, accessory stores and beauty shops.  Many American university knockoff shirts and some funny slogans stood out.

Although we didn’t buy much, we kept out of the rain and I somehow got Ryan to agree to shopping!  Tomorrow we’ll try our luck at Nampo-dong, so let's hope the weather cooperates.  Although the underground shopping is great there too...

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