Saturday, October 20, 2012

South of the Equator

Hello from Bali! We arrived from the Philippines on Thursday into Kuta, closest to the airport and the island's most popular surf and party city. After a couple days of taking care of business issues (searching for a place to cash traveler's checks and finding someone to repair our broken netbook) we left behind the bustling city and arrived today in Padang Bai for some relaxing. We have already adapted well to the small beach city and are excited to sightsee and swim tomorrow. The update on Sagada, our last stop in the Philippines will have to wait. Until then, here are our first impressions of our first travel destination south of the equator.

1. We love this island.
2. Southern Bali is full of drunk Aussies on holiday.
3. Due to the strong Hindu population, there are numerous vegetarian restaurants and options specified on every menu. (love this!)
4. Driving here is just as crazy as everywhere else in Asia.
5. The beaches are Increible. Think white sand and turquoise sea.
6. Prices are amazing. As in the Philippines, a clean room at a guesthouse with a private bathroom and breakfast included is $15 or less. A whole red snapper and a half pound of shrimp selected by us and grilled at a local fish market last night was $13. With 2 large beers.
7. We have already discussed extending our existing 30 day visa.
8. We love it here!

When our netbook is returned I promise more detailed posts and pictures. Hunt and peck on the iPod is tedious at best. But just be assured that we are having a great time. Did I mention we love it here?

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