Saturday, October 26, 2013

My New Favorite Season

Yesterday was the first cloudy day we've had in nearly two weeks.  That is a RARITY in Portland.  

When I asked my students in Korea to share their favorite holiday, nearly all of them said fall.  
Fall?  Wrong.  
Summer of course, is the best season, I thought to myself.
But then I lived through a summer in Busan, with its sticky humidity, obnoxious cicadas and ever present mogis (mosquitos).   
Finally September came, providing the relief of cooler but still warm weather, the absence of humidity, and sunshine every day.  
As an Oregonian this is unheard of.  Sunshine?  Once summer is gone the sun goes with it, and in its place: rain.
But not this year.  

Ryan and I have missed three years of fall in Portland and this city is trying hard to win us back by giving us the most beautiful October I can remember.

I think I found my new favorite season.

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  1. I'm with you! It's my favorite for sure. It's definitely been my experience that it's better on the east coast (and like Korea, feels like a reward after those long sticky summers) than it is in Oregon. But I'm glad you were fortunate enough to enjoy a beautiful one in Oregon too.