Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A festival blossoms in our backyard

For about two weeks, we had watched from our balcony a lone cherry tree that was blossoming in our neighborhood.  The other trees surrounding it teased us with their buds.  Almost overnight, the whole block and those in close proximity were overrun with blooms. 
 We had seen a banner advertising a festival over the weekend.  (We took a picture of it and a Korean teacher was nice enough to decode it for us).  This was the view as the festival was being set-up.
Hearing the fireworks from our apartment on Friday and seeing the stage, ablaze with announcers and performers, we were almost summoned to check out the party. 
Once we got down to the festival, we saw the typical rice cake vendors we have seen before.  This time however, Korean men were molding them right as they came out of the machine into these odd shapes.
Various types of candy were for sale...
...and there was the roasting pig half.  Mmm Mmm (sarcasm if you couldn't tell).
There was an abundance of other fried carnival type food too.
I even got a whole coconut with a straw to drink the milk. 
The festival stretched across four or five blocks, and along with the vendors, and stage performers, there were rows of restaurants.  There was also this carnival ride.  I highly questioned its safety.
Ryan and I sat down for some dong dong ju (delicious rice wine) and paejon (similar to a potato pancake) filled with egg, green onions, carrots, and squid (on Ryan’s half) shown here being made, and then, as it was served to us.
The restaurants were also offering a variety of other seafood, and sadly, whale meat.   

It seems to be a somewhat common entrée here.  Although it is illegal to hunt whale in Korea, if it's by catch (caught by accident when fishing for something else) people are allowed to keep and sell it.  Coincidentally, Korea has some of the highest whale by catch in the world.  Hmmm.

A dollar store was hidden in the festivity’s maze, and we picked up some exciting items including insulation, and a handle for our sliding patio door.  We also got the plants I mentioned in the last post.

What a wonderful Friday spring evening.  We went back Saturday night for more dong dong ju.  It was so close we just couldn't resist : ) 

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  1. I love hearing about all your adventures. I am selfishly glad you are now understanding that the "American way" is not the normal way. Things here in Mexico always take more time than they alot for also. Nothing is as easy as it seems it should be. We have different stores for paper, tools, plastic, cleaning supplies and on and on. Only in the Americanized stores are they all in the same place. Moving to a different country really helps you to see and understand what is really important and what really isn't. Materially, emotionally and spiritually. I love you! I am so looking forward to seeing you in Sept!