Monday, April 19, 2010

An outing with the kiddies

Last Friday morning was a gorgeous sunny day.  (Where has the sun gone now?)  Seeing that it was just too beautiful to be inside, all the kinder classes went for a walk along the same river we walked the previous week.  Here are some of the adorable pictures that were taken during the trip.

The cherry blossoms were still in all their glory, and the kids went wild for them, especially those that had made their way to the ground.  On our way back to school, the piles of fallen blossoms were wildly entertaining.  The children gathered them into their hands and blew them into the air.
It was hard to go back inside.  Hopefully more walks to come.  We are taking a field trip this Friday and will undoubtedly have more pictures to share from that.  What can I say, the kids' cuteness warrants the paparazzi mentality.

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  1. Roseanne, who is here with me, and I looked at every picture (enlarged)
    on this new post last night. OMG, the kids are beyond adorable in their little uniforms (flashing "the V sign") no less. Ryan looks like he is having a wonderful time-he is a dancing teacher! Got the message from Facebook: thanks for B-day wishes. Won't be home much today.
    I will take cell phone with me. That may be your best bet.