Monday, May 31, 2010

A new beach, a new hat, and a margarita!

Yesterday was a sunny Sunday, which we thought would be well spent at the beach.  After cramming five passengers into a taxi and promising we’d give the driver a little extra money for the trouble, we were on our way.  Songjeong was a bit further than the other beaches, but proved to be worth the distance. 
Stepping out of the taxi and on the hunt for beach towels, we popped into a local store and browsed our options.  We didn’t find a towel we liked, but a co-worker and I did find some adorable hats.  Upon learning their cost was a mere 3,000 won (about three dollars), we purchased those and headed for the sand.

Once we scoped out a spot to sit on the beach, we realized it was windier than we thought.  But it was still quite beautiful.

Although it was obviously a little too sunny for some...

Ryan tested out his fishing pole.

I did this.
There were a fair amount of surfers, swimmers, and many families taking advantage of the nice pre-summer weather.   

But they were given a friendly reminder not to smoke, like many people do everywhere here.

After we’d gotten our fill of the wind sand blowing into our ears, we decided to head for a bite to eat at Blowfish.

Just across the street from the beach, the bar caters to foreigners with a small menu offering burgers, nachos and (drum roll please)……… margaritas!  I was ecstatic to find my favorite drink in a land where limes appear to be non-existent.  By no means am I suggesting that the margarita I was served had lime juice in it, but it was a kind of margarita nonetheless.

Ryan tried a burger, accompanied by chips and salsa, and said it was delicious.  It boasted real cheese and was flame broiled, unlike other burgers he’s tried here.

Of course Ryan played some darts.

And did I mention there was a margarita?!

Upon leaving Blowfish, we took a scenic walk up a rocky hill and found our way to a small gazebo, which was "under construction," but had a nice view.

Past the gazebo was an intricate path lined with greenery, which was refreshing since it’s seriously lacking here.  After coming full circle back at the foot of the hill, we crammed five people into a taxi again and made our way home to wash the sand from our hair. 

And did I mention there was a margarita?!

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