Sunday, May 2, 2010

Water, water, where have you gone?

We woke up this morning and began our usual routine.  Coffee water was put on the stove, I  made a phone call, and following that, Ryan attempted to shower.  Breaking news right?  The problem is, after the sink did its initial job of producing water for coffee, it decided to be done.  No more running water in our apartment today.  

Ryan insists he paid the water bill so what’s the problem?  We noticed some construction around the building last night, so that might be the culprit.  

When you think about it, it’s really not much of an inconvenience.  I mean you really only need water for, hmm let’s see…. EVERYTHING!  Without it, no dishes can be washed and laundry can’t be done.  Not to mention basics like showering and using the bathroom are impossible.  Luckily we had bottled water which gave us the luxurious opportunity to brush our teeth this morning before heading to work. 

Upon her arrival to school, our co-worker who also lives in our apartment building reported that she too was without water.  We felt a bit better that she shared our irritation.

Going home at lunch I thought there was a slim chance our water might have returned.  No such luck.   After boiling my ramen lunch with the leftover water from the teakettle, I boarded the elevator to return to school, and noticed a printed paper on the wall.  There were some dates and times on the note, but of course, it was written in Korean.  I didn't have too much time to decode it, but realized it was likely some sort of an announcement about the water outage.  Helpful.  

Let's hope it's back on by dinner!

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