Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

The reality that we have merely two weeks left in Korea has finally kicked in.  We sold a good number of household items this past weekend, and have begun to cross things off the: “to-do before we leave” list.

The better part of Saturday was spent at Spaland, the indulgent spa and bath-house within Shinsegae department store.  I promise there will be more details to come, and probably one last visit there before we leave!

Later that evening we headed to a co-worker’s home for a belated Valentine’s Day party.  She and another friend presented us with a delicious spread.  Homemade mac and cheese, shrimp with cilantro dip, guacamole, dill pickles, and Asian pears topped with blue cheese were some of the highlights.

The desserts were plentiful and delicious!
DIY Strawberry Shortcake

My own attempt at making something were these adorable little chocolates, which ended up speckled (overcooked chocolate?), but still tasty.

We sat around with friends, casually enjoying delicious food and wine.

After a leisurely Sunday morning we headed up a cable car to Geumjang Mountain near Bemeosa Temple.  As we waited for the vehicle to depart, we were astonished to find this image on a nearby vending machine.
UO Football vs. Stanford circa the '90s

The sunshine made the crisp wintery walk feel almost spring-like.  We really enjoyed the mini hike, (mini heart attack surrounding the previous cable car incident aside).   
Small tented restaurants on the mountain
The hikers :)

Later, I met some friends for a rather strange outing to a “cat café.”  These odd establishments charge a slightly higher than average fee for beverages.  As you sip your juice or coffee, cats roam the room looking adorable.  The two women I went with have frequented cat (and also dog) cafés in the past, and after hearing their stories, I felt like it was something I had to see for myself.
Appropriately named... 
The featured cats.  Yes, I'm serious.
We removed our shoes at the door, donned slippers and were shown to our table.  Cats pranced around, mingling with the customers.  It was quite the show.  A friendly male employee pointed out several cats stating, "danger," and showed us the scars on his hands to prove it.  
Best-dressed cat
Please note the tail... and the screen saver
Hugs ♥

Once we hit our kitty limit we headed for an Italian dinner.  After returning home I had some downtime with Ryan, who was responsibly packing our belongings into boxes.  Can you believe that two weeks from now we’ll be spending our first night in Vietnam?! 

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