Monday, February 28, 2011

Luncheee Time

In preparation for lunch (or lunchee as pronounced in Korean), our kindergarten students sing a song after the food has been served.

I couldn’t resist posting it here.  It’s way too adorable.

When Ryan and I don’t feel like packing something for our own lunches, we choose to eat out at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Often we dine at our local Kimbap.  These restaurants are on nearly every block and serve Korean food staples, such as ramen, bibimbap, fried rice, and donkasu

We can also grab a quick coffee and egg toast sandwich from the sweetest couple on Earth, or visit the quaint Italian joint nearby which features a decent lunch special.  A dish of Aglio Olio or Capellini Pomodoro comes with salad and bread for a bargain.  Delicious dessert and sweet coffee or tea are also included.  It's not authentic Korean (or Italian) food but it's great when we want a change.

Newer to the scene is a family owned soup restaurant.  Two women (perhaps a mother-daughter duo) happily serve up delicious kimchi, potato, or seafood soup.  Doughy uneven noodles ripped from a single sheet hearty up the salty broth.  A ceramic bowl on each table holds a spicy sauce so each diner can control the level of heat in their soup.

We don’t sing before each meal, but we do appreciate our unique and inexpensive local lunches.  Yummy, yummy food. :)

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