Monday, July 25, 2011

Nieces and Nephews in New Jersey

My sister's twins were born June first, making me an aunt again, two times over.  Recently I headed to suburban New Jersey to meet them and see the rest of the family.

One word comes to mind when I think of the twins.... 

ADORABLE.  Each has their own unique personality.

Harry got all the hair, along with rich chocolately brown eyes that seem to stare right through you.  The poor guy suffers from tummy issues, spitting up and writhing in discomfort much of the time.  Currently Maya is working on cutting dairy from her diet which may be the culprit.  When you are able to comfort Harry, he's happiest when snuggled on your shoulder.  He rests his small head there and sleeps for hours.  Just don't even think about putting him down.  I rarely wanted to.

Then there's Lucy.  The girl is tiny.  Everything about her is petite, with the exception of her large blue eyes.  When she's sleepy she only opens one, earning herself the nickname, "One-Eyed Pirate."  She's the cutest pirate I've ever seen.  My sister mentioned on her own blog that if Lucy was your first child you'd readily have three more, asking yourself, what's the big deal?  That's because Lucy is calm, quiet and easygoing (much of the time).  Her thin legs often cross at the ankle and her teeny hands rest gingerly at her ears when she sleeps.  Too cute.  I miss her already.

My older niece Ellie turned four during the visit.  She was presented with multiple Tinkerbell birthday cards, Disney Princess wrapped puzzles,  and a pale pink scooter.  She promptly named herself "Scooter Girl," insisting we address her as such while she rode around the house and backyard singing self-written songs.  Ellie and I spent a few mornings at the park, attending imaginary weddings as princesses and swinging on the playground in the summer heat.  Once I taught her and my nephew Leo how to play charades (a simplified version) she wouldn't let more than two hours go by without requesting I give her something to act out.  She will be on the stage someday.

My nephew Leo, just shy of his seventh birthday was as sweet as ever.  On more than one occasion he crept downstairs early to where I was sleeping so he could cover me with Good Morning Kisses.  After an obligatory two minutes of silence he then demanded, "Get up, get up!"  We had lots of fun playing basketball, doing puzzles and eating grapes (his favorite food) together.  Putting him to bed was a nice way to unwind at the end of the day.  He sweetly covered me with a blanket before reading along with our bedtime story and resting up for another fun-filled day.

My sister and her partner definitely have their hands full, but the love and life in their home is apparent.   They are doing a great job balancing it all and creating a wonderful life for their family.  It will likely be a while until I see them again, but I am already looking forward to it.  Until then there will be lots of pictures, email updates and skyping. :)  

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