Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing Festival Weekend

Remember this photo?
Time to explain.
A festival was held recently to celebrate Busan's fishing history.  
We headed to our favorite beach to check it out.  

Ryan took a few minutes to catch a fish with his bare hands.

Then he had to get interviewed about it.

He was kind enough to take a break from signing autographs to pose with his wife and his fish. 
{And yes, as seen above he may have given the fish a taste of his beer.}

Then he enjoyed the fruits of his labor, wrapped in fresh sesame leaves and topped with spicy red pepper sauce.

After the boys finished their raw fish, I opted for this "burger" instead.

We caught a parade after lunch.

Spotted this Korean football team...

And got paper tied around our necks for "fortune."

Ryan had another interview....

And the two of us rounded out the day with a long walk on the beach as the sun lowered in the sky.  

Lovely, lovely day.

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