Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer to do list

It's safe to say that summer has arrived in Busan.  The forecast shows nothing but sunny seventies and eighties!  I can't stop smiling.

{Here are a few things we can't wait to do this summer, in no particular order}

1. Finally make it back to a Busan Giants baseball game.

2. Explore Korea's many southern islands, and camp on one.

3. Watch the sunrise over Gwangali Bridge.

4. Listen to this song as much as possible, and take the lyrics to heart.

5. Celebrate three wonderful years of marriage.

6. Visit Jeju Island (tickets booked for August!) and climb Mt. Halla.

7. Walk along the Chenoggye Stream in Seoul. (This time without freezing.)

8. Make mojitos and drink them on our apartment's rooftop.

9. Eat as many fresh summer fruits and vegetables as we can.

10. Rent a kayak and take it for a ride.

11.  Get cocktails in a to-go bag.

12. Plan our trip for next winter. (Malysia/Indonesia/Australia!)


  1. Love that song!!!! It is a great one :) Wish I could join you on all your summer adventures! xoxo

  2. I am probably one of the only people on the planet who has never heard that song. Just listened to it--I LOVE it!
    Your list sounds amazing. I am just having a hard time believing it's been almost a year since you were here visiting your new niece and nephew. Man, time flies. By the way, I wish your to-do list included a trip to NJ but I will concede that Malysia/Indonesia/Australia might be a leetle more exciting! Enjoy! xoxo