Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adventures in Lombok Part One: Kuta & Sengeggi

Hello for the last time from Indonesia!
We are heading to Singapore in less than fifteen hours!
Although we loved our time in Bali and Lombok, we're ready for a change of scenery.

Here's what we did during the second half of our time in Indonesia.


Our time in mainland Lombok was short but sweet. 
We spent two nights in the small beach town of Kuta.
It was nothing like the city of the same name in Bali, with no pushy vendors, only a few main streets, and nearly deserted white sand beaches.  Our brief stint in Kuta, Lombok consisted of fresh fish dinners, scooter rides sightseeing through town, and Ryan’s first surf attempt in years.  He met a trio of young Spanish ex-pats who split a boat and breaks with him.  I relaxed on one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever laid eyes on and laughed as a group of young boys yelled at me to watch their tricks on an old surfboard.
 “Me photo too!” a young girl shouted.

Oh, and we saw some familiar faces near the beach as well.

Our next stop in Lombok was Senggegi on the northwest coast.

We loved the unofficial spots designated to watch the sun set, where locals would share a blanket and some corn on the cob.

We spent a day scootering around the island to find the Sendang Gile waterfalls.
Two hours on our scooter and one flat tire (our travel companions’) later we made it.

Our guide took us over some questionable stairs and a very interesting bridge.  We waded through rushing water and across slippery rocks.

“Are there leeches here?”  I asked.  (I have developed an unhealthy fear of leeches since reading about them in one of our guidebooks.)

“Only in the rainy season”, our guide mercifully responded.

This better be worth it, I thought to myself.  

It was.

The falls were stunning.  And freezing.  They literally took my breath away as we took a very refreshing swim.

Our guide then led us to a second waterfall, believed to make those who swim in it one year younger.  Ryan joked that the teens frolicking in the water could be in their late eighties.
Then it was time for a trip across the ocean to the Gilis!


  1. OMG! That first picture is TO DIE FOR!!!

    1. Oh, and super glad you didn't get and leeches! :)

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