Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful, Grateful

So it's a holiday and I'm feeling sentimental. 

It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving when we woke up this morning.  

Could have had something to do with the fact that it was 90 degrees, sunny, and so humid that my hair was a frizzball before we even left our hotel.  Dare I say I am getting tired of warm weather and am ready to put on my Ugg boots and a sweater?  I am sure that two days of Portland rain will cure me of this.  

Speaking of.... 
This is the third Thanksgiving in a row that we haven't been home in Oregon.  Again this year we'll be missing the drive from Portland to Eugene, the appetizers and first dinner with Ryan's family, followed by wine and dinner #2 with mine.  

There won't be pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce or turkey.  We won't be catching up with relatives, watching football on TV or shedding fall boots and scarves at the front door on the way into a bustling house.  This year is even different than the last, or the one before where we've celebrated at "home" in two Busan apartments.

Ok so now I'm tearing up.  It's hard to be away from home, especially during the holidays.

We're sad that we're away from home this Thanksgiving, but we're also thankful.  
So thankful.   
Thankful for the family who love and support us always, for the friends who make time to stay in touch with us from across the world, for the health, the love, and the adventures and opportunities that we have in our lives.

Please eat lots for us today and enjoy the time with your family and/or friends and don't take it for granted.
Happy Thanksgiving from our little family to yours.

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