Saturday, January 12, 2013

¡Hola Mexico!

We arrived in Cozumel, Mexico early this afternoon.

We had barely loaded our suitcases into the truck at the airport before Ryan's mom pulled out a cooler and poured us each a fresh margarita in the parking lot.
She knows us well :)
Sarah and her husband Tommie have lived on this gorgeous island in the Yucatan peninsula since 2002.  They run a four apartment guesthouse where they live in one apartment and rent out the other three.  
Guess who reserved a spot during the gloomy Oregon winter?

The last time Ryan and I visited together was December 2004.

We were twenty, juniors in college, and had been dating just about one year.  

Oh, the memories.

We are looking forward to making many more new memories as we spend January and February on the island with Ryan's family.  
There will be lots of time to catch up with and enjoy the company of Sarah and Tommie, meet their friends who have become like family, immerse ourselves in the language of español, experience the excitement of Carnaval, and share the beautiful island with my mom and a couple of my girlfriends when they visit over the next few weeks.


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