Friday, March 1, 2013

Carnaval in Cozumel

Carnaval (Mexico's version of Mardi-gras) began this year on February 8th.  Ryan and I were lucky enough to catch a few of the many pre-Carnaval events (including this one!) that take place each year before the grand finale parade on Fat Tuesday.  Each year large dance groups, fantastic costumes and over the top floats take the stage in order to win votes for the prospective kings and queens of Carnaval.  There are categories for adult, teen and child royalty.  Even young children and babies show off their best costumes for Carnaval.  Group dancers take to the two city squares and the many side streets of Cozumel to celebrate this important event.
Here's a taste of what you might see during the weeks leading up to Carnaval!





{Next up: parade photos!}


  1. what an experience, that looks incredible

  2. norah, did you take all these photos? they're really incredible! i love all the colors. it looks like such an awesome event.