Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Over the Weekend

+Coquito (Puerto Rican spiked egg nog!) cooking class 
{You're going to want to be my friend when I make this come Christmas time.  
Trust me on this.}

+5K run/walk for charity
{Ryan got 3rd in his age group and little Reina ran most of the way.  
She was pooped all evening.}


+Sunday Fish Fry
{Cooking up Ryan's latest catches.}

+Watching the Oscars
{Until the feed stopped working at end of Anne Hathaway's speech!
No bueno US TV Now.
Watching outtakes from Jennifer Lawrence's press conference put a big smile back on my face.}

{ It's hard to believe we only have one more weekend left in Cozumel.  Oh, so bittersweet! }


  1. You guys will be doing the cooking in NJ, yes?

  2. norah, that cooking class looks like fun! (i've been wanting to take one for awhile.) and it's so awesome that ryan goes out and catches dinner for you. :) what kind of fish is that?