Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Officially Summer: A To-Do List

Events I'm planning for my favorite season, in no particular order....

Get Ryan certified as an EMT! 
Visit the Oregon coast again and go clamming
  Finally finish this book and see the movie 
Make it to my family's annual camping trip at the beach for the first time since 2009 
  Return to the best beer festival ever on the Portland waterfront
Visit the beautiful town of Hood River
Try this ice cream shop that has been all the rage in Portland since we've lived abroad
this and these when the weather warms up
Celebrate a college friend and his lovely wife-to-be at their Greek wedding 
Go wine tasting in the Willamette Valley
Attend a concert on the lawn at Edgefield
Spend a week at Black Butte Ranch, my happy place
29 and celebrate with my family and friends 
Visit local farmer's markets as much as possible for fresh fruits and veggies
Pickle some of those veggies with Ryan and make homemade jam with my mom  
Take a jet boat tour on the river 

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