Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowy Day Snapshots

Snow started to fall on Thursday morning.  I realize that the rest of the country has been dealing with this for weeks now and it's no news flash--but snow just doesn't happen here.
For that reason, Portland completely shuts down at the first sign of the stuff.  This blizzard was no different.
It took me almost FOUR HOURS to make the commute home that afternoon (the usual is forty-five minutes).  Thank goodnesss for red wine. 

The rest of the (4-day thank you snow!) weekend has been spent on a snowy walk with Ryan, lunching with my best friend, reading my new book club book, netflixing in my PJs, delving into that Valentine's chocolate that was "for my co-workers" (oops!) and overdosing on tea and zinc to cure my cold.  

Being snowed in is not so bad (:

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