Monday, June 7, 2010

International Dance Day

Whether or not it’s an official holiday, last Friday was International Dance Day at our school.  The Korean teachers were responsible for teaching the students one dance, the foreign teachers (us) another.  In honor of South Korea’s participation in the World Cup, all teachers and students were instructed to wear red.  Not having brought a red shirt to Korea, I went on a search for something cheap.   

A few blocks from the school, I found a reasonably cute Minnie Mouse knock off.  The “Mini” short-sleeved sweatshirt was only about ten dollars so I figured it would suffice for the ocassion.  

When I turned it over and read the back, it was confirmed that I had to purchase the shirt.  If for nothing else, it had entertainment value.
Since we had explicit instructions not to teach The Macarena or Chicken dance, when the big day arrived, we settled on teaching our students the Electric Slide.  They got most of it, but did struggle with the steps going backward.  The gym was a bit too small for the number of students to have much room, making it more difficult than we’d envisioned.  We all managed to have fun and a had good laugh at ourselves in the process.

Preceding our attempt, the Korean teachers showed the kids how to do the World Cup dance.  Theirs turned out really cute.  Perhaps it had something to do with them being able to explain it to the children in their native language?  

Overall it was a fun day.  The kids were still as cute as ever.

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  1. Norah!

    Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Reading about your adventures is so entertaining and inspirational. I can't wait to keep up with your stories :)