Monday, June 14, 2010

Recurring monthly holidays and the twins that observe them

On the 14th of each month, a different informal holiday is celebrated in South Korea.  Most of these holidays are romantic, and meant for couples.
In a previous post we mentioned Valentine’s Day (February 14th), White Day (March 14th) and Single’s Day, (April 14th).  Although Ryan is not single (ahem), he decided to partake in the holiday food, traditional black noodles back in April anyway.

Although it came and went without us realizing it, May 14th was Rose Day.  On this day, couples exchange roses to show their love for each other.

While it’s not a couple’s holiday, we were honored the following day on May 15th which was Teacher’s Day.  We received socks, cookies, perfume and cologne, bath products, new umbrellas, and carnations (both fake and real).  Carnations are the signature flower for the holiday.

Today, June 14th is Kiss Day.  From what I understand, it’s just an excuse to kiss your significant other.  However one website proclaimed it “a day to kiss everyone you meet.”  Awkward.

The holidays that are recognized on the 14th of each month are meant to show off a couple’s commitment to each other.  Being part of a couple is very celebrated in this culture.  While sweet, some people’s enthusiasm is a little over the top.  Couples in coordinating outfits are not uncommon. 

Often only their shirts are the same, but sometimes they go all out.

Last week we spotted a young couple matching from head to toe.  They wore black T-shirts with the New York City skyline printed on them in gold.   Their identical jeans had the same golden skyline stitched on the back pockets.  Where’s your camera when you need it?

Ryan and I seriously contemplated purchasing these outfits when we saw them for sale.

Ok, so we didn’t contemplate that at all, but we did have a good laugh over them.  We were even more entertained when we saw these.

We’ll keep you up to date on the rest of the “14th” holidays as they arrive.  Since we are a few time zones ahead, you'll be informed of the holidays before they happen in the US.  That way you can celebrate them on the actual day.  I’m sure you will.

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