Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Night at the Movies, Day at the Beach

"Sex and the City 2" opened in theaters May 27th worldwide.  I marked the date on my calendar two months before, and planned to see it with some girlfriends on opening night.  However, when I had a Korean co-worker attempt to get us tickets online, we discovered that the movie wasn’t premiering in Korea until the tenth of June.  Fourteen days have never felt so long. 

Sunday evening I went with some co-workers and friends for girl’s dinner and movie night.  Finally!  Here we are preceding the show.  I’m holding the mini version of the movie’s poster, featuring Sarah Jessica Parker with the movie’s title written in Hangul (Korean). 

I don't care what the critics say, I loved the movie!  It reminded me of home in a lot of ways.  The characters were the same as always and the movie had the same sweet and funny storylines.

Meanwhile, Ryan met a friend who was visiting from Daejon, a nearby city.   They ventured to a new beach and spent the day enjoying the weather and throwing a ball around on the sand.  

Coming home on the subway Ryan captured some interesting pictures of his own…

A closer look...

Now you know where to store your baby if you have to hold onto the rails while riding the train… Not sure how this can be explained.

For me the best part about Sunday was that I got to watch my movie.  The best part for Ryan was that he didn't have to. :) 

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