Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Big Chill

Someone flipped the switch for winter yesterday. 

On Monday’s walk to school in a long sleeved dress, the sunshine warmed my bare legs and the mid seventies temperature made the three blocks pleasant and enjoyable.  
Tuesday however, during my AM trip to yet another doctor’s appointment (for the never-ending cold), an icy wind whipped through my thin jacket and blew my hair around my face.  It was cold

After arriving at school, a co-worker reported that the current temperature in Seoul was negative one, and locally, Busan’s temp was a mere seven degrees.  I knew it wasn’t quite that cold, and tried to do an accurate but quick conversion from Celsius to Farenheit in my head.  Seven should be somewhere in the high thirties?  My hands stayed icy for the rest of the day and I could never quite warm up.

Two months ago, Ryan and I had a difficult time imagining we would ever experience cold again.  Having never lived outside Oregon, the humidity and heat of summer in Korea were extremes both of us had yet to experience before last summer.  
Another characteristic of weather in Korea which we quickly figured out differs from Oregon: a dry fall.   On an outing to the beach last Saturday night, I had to comment on the lack of precipitation over the last month. 

“It hasn’t even sprinkled!” I joyfully observed.
 The next day it poured. 

But it’s been dry since then!  
We'll take the good with the bad.

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