Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Korean Style

Although the holiday is not typically celebrated in Korea, our school had a Halloween party for the kindergarten students on Friday morning.  The whole school was decorated to the max with black and orange banners, Jack O’ Lantern cut-outs, and witches flying on broomsticks.  

Even the indoor play room was transformed into a haunted house for the occasion.   

To celebrate, the students dressed up in adorable costumes and rotated through different Halloween themed activities.  Ryan and I were stationed in the gym where we worked with groups on how to walk like a zombie, creep like a cat, stomp like a monster, and fly like a bat, all across the span of the room.

The kids seemed to fully enjoy themselves.  They were especially excited to receive candy from us before moving on to the next activity. 

Among the other stations were Jack ‘O Lantern carving…

And a Halloween concentration game.

Pass the pumpkin to Halloween songs (musical chairs style), the making of bags for treats received, and scary stories in the haunted house also entertained students.

Costume-wise I opted to go as a member of the local baseball team, Busan’s Lotte Giants. 

Ryan and the other male foreign teachers’ costumes were inspired by the most popular game in the country: “Rock, Paper, Scissors” (or in Korean, “Tai, Bai, Bo” meaning “Rock, Scissors Paper”).  The students play the game constantly, and are happy to rely on it as a fair way to determine everything from who goes first in an activity, to who should be “it” in tag, and for all other decisions in between.  Here are the three men in full costume...

All of the foreign teachers...

Paper and The Baseball Player...

And some more of the adorable kiddies.

Happy Halloween!  Not to mention, Happy “Ducks beat USC Day!”

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