Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Thursday

On the last Thursday of each month, Alberta Street in Portland is quite the scene.  Street performers, vendors, tourists, foodies, and locals take over a stretch of at least fifteen city blocks for the evening. 

Ryan and I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about at July's event.  We met at the house of some friends who live in the neighborhood, where we were prepped on the odd events we might see at Last Thursday.  Here they are...

The pictures show a small sample of what we saw that night.  I didn’t have the stomach to photograph the man who was jumping up and down on shards of glass and hammering nails into his nostrils...but you get the idea.  

Until next time, Last Thursday!


  1. Portland is so weird!!! I've wanted to check out Last Thurs but these pics may have convinced me otherwise haha

  2. I went in July too! It's totally jam-packed and crazy but lots of fun. :) We bought some really cool artwork for the baby's room from one of the vendors.

  3. Haha yes it's a bit crazy but definitely worth visiting at least once!