Thursday, August 18, 2011

Border to Border

Last spring, two friends of Ryan's from Korea began a bike ride from San Francisco to Canada.  In May Ryan loaded up his new bike and joined the guys at the Oregon/California border, ready to work his way up to Washington. 
All ready!

The week he spent on the road was full of sunshine, rain, wildlife, camping, couch squatting, and eating just barely sustainable meals.  Ryan describes the adventure as an incredible, memorable, and exhausting experience.
The beginning

The riders
Oregon Coast

Bandon Game Park

Staying with old friends along the way

Half-way there!

A stop in Eugene to see Alayna on her 13th birthday
She got Taylor Swift concert tickets!
Outside Salem

Willamette Falls
Ryan stopped to play tour guide for his friends once they reached Portland.  He completed the ride from Portland to Vancouver this past week, meaning he has now ridden the state of Oregon from border to border.
The end
Mission accomplished!

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