Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Lasagna

New Year's Eve was the day I officially realized I'm old. 

I don't remember a NYE when I didn't get dressed up, paint my nails, fluff out my hair and hit the town with Ryan and our friends.  Every year we all paid too much for drinks, spent hours finding an open cab home, and cursed our headaches in the morning.

This year we did something different....

Since we were both exhausted from exploring the chilly streets of Seoul for three days (see the two previous posts) Ryan and I opted for a low-key evening in.  We both had a craving for lasagna, so Ryan went to work in the kitchen.

We've only spotted (incredibly overpriced) lasagna noodles at a specialty foreign food store here, so we opted to make our own.  Ryan made dough from flour, eggs and salt.  Then he rolled it out (with a fancy wine bottle rolling pin) and cut the pasta into pan size strips.  He whipped up "ricotta" by throwing together tofu, lemon juice, salt and pepper in our blender.  Ryan layered the result onto the noodles with tomato sauce, mozzerella and fresh spinach.  Into the toaster oven it went, while we sipped red wine, snacked on garlic bread and relaxed on the couch.

Nearly two hours of cooking later.... we had lasagna!  
Thanks honey.  I wouldn't have wanted to spend New Year's Eve any other way. :)

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