Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Days in Seoul: Insadong and Cheonggye Stream

Thanks to our winter vacation, we took the slow train to Seoul last Thursday morning.  After some reading, some TV show watching and a few intermittent naps, we arrived. 

The rest of the day we spent meandering the streets of Insadong, a charming area full of Asian antiques, souvenir shops and tea houses.  We also discovered hotteok, my new favorite street pastry.
 {This says: "Suh-tah-buck-suh Coe-pee"}

Later we walked along Cheonggye Stream, running through the city.  It was icy and beautiful.  We attempted to locate Seoul's most famous Market along the way.  We got cold and hungry and found dinner instead.

After warming up with beer, soju and cheesy rice in Myeongdong, we stopped at a hip cafe for coffee and dessert  Next it was onto a late viewing of Sherlock Holmes, which I slept right through.  Seoul tires me out, what can I say?
{cafe's view, overlooking Myeongdong}

Stay tuned for days two and three!

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