Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Days in Seoul: Myeongdong and Hongdae

On our second day in Seoul we slept late, shared a pastry breakfast, then hit the stores and boutiques in the busy shopping mecca of Myeondong.  Wandering these narrow streets it's hard to remember you're in Korea-the neighborhood could be within any major city boasting a population of over 20 million.  
From designer department stores to tiny stands loaded with accessories, you can find everything in Myeongdong.  The variety of unusual street food further adds to the visual experience. 
Later, tired from a day of shopping and walking, we headed to a delicious dinner of Mexican food and margaritas.  Forgot to order our cocktails on the rocks.  
Damn.  Next time.

Saturday was our last day in town.  We headed to Hongik University, an area with numerous cafes, restaurants, markets and shops.  We browsed and window shopped for awhile, shared a caramel macchiato in an effort to warm up (nearly impossible) and spent some time people-(and dog) watching.  
Finally, we ate Mexican food at Dos Tacos, again.  Margarita on the rocks, check.
That evening we headed back to Busan to ring in 2012.
Happy belated New Year!


  1. Hi!!! I will be going in S. Korea and love to go to these two places as well.. May i know how did you go to Hongdae from Myeongdong??Subway or bus??? Thanks

    1. We took the subway. Have a nice trip!

  2. im going to s.korea soon too, but i still dunno where to live cause is kinda expensive ,do u have any place to stay that cheaper n convenient can introduce to me? :D in hongdae will it be many shops in there? :D