Monday, March 15, 2010

White Day

Yesterday, March 14th, was White Day in South Korea.  It is a holiday where men who are in a relationship are supposed to give chocolate to women.  It is similar to the Valentine’s Day we celebrate in the states.  On Valentine’s Day here, the women give candy and presents to the men in their lives, so White Day (exactly one month later) is the men’s turn to give the gifts, usually chocolate.  We have heard there are different types of chocolate for the seriousness of the relationship.  Mainly the gift giving signifies that the man or woman is “the only one” for the gift giver.
Apparently there is also Black day, observed another month later on April 14th, where singles that didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day or White day have their turn.  They dress up in all black, and eat Jajangmyeon, a noodle dish with black sauce.  This is done in groups, and celebrates being single.

Here I am anticipating White day Saturday night.  We saw signs and candy everywhere.

I wish my White Day gift was one of the adorable bunnies a man was selling in the subway Friday night, but I’ll settle for some chocolate for now.   

Maybe Ryan will consider a bunny for St. Patrick’s Day?

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