Friday, September 10, 2010

Falling into Fall

Each week, new “build-up expressions” are introduced to the students.  Along with the date and sight words, we read them as part of our morning routine.  In our first year English classes, the build-up expressions for last week were:

When I first noticed them the previous week, I commented to Ryan that the phrases seemed premature.  The heat and humidity still called for the use of air conditioner during the day at school.  We even still used ours at night for comfortable sleeping.  However, last week we experienced a few nights cooler than any we’ve had since April.  Now I’m convinced the expressions are true.

Although we know our beach days are numbered, we’re happy to welcome the change of seasons.  Besides, winter clothes are much cuter than summer ones anyway.  Bring on the boots and sweaters :) 

And of course, the DUCK FOOTBALL!!!!

Happy fall!

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  1. Love the new photo that introduces the blog.
    It's as good as the Kim Chee pots and they were great.
    Really like the whole look.
    It's nice to refresh now and then.