Monday, September 6, 2010

Paper Becomes Romantic

Last month, our first anniversary fell on a Sunday, giving Ryan and me the chance to spend our day together.  Having spent a luxurious week in Jeju Island the week before, we decided to stay in town and see some sights we had yet to visit.  We explored Busan Tower, looming 120 meters (near 400 feet) over the city. 

At the base of the tower was a beautiful and peaceful park.  Unfortunately parks are a rarity here.  Trees lined our path as we made our way to the famous tower.

Once we reached it, the windowed room at the top of a looong elevator ride provided a stunning bird’s eye view of our current home.  Sometimes we forget Busan is a major port city.  The views were amazing.

Of course I couldn’t leave the tower without a custom made penny for my collection.

Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, Ryan and I decided to have the day commemorated with a charcoal sketch of us.  At the base of the tower we found a friendly man to take on the task.  An hour and a half later, we were given a beautiful piece of artwork, complete with: “first wedding anniversary,” written in Hangul.  We will never forget that day.

Dinner was cheesy rice with vegetables at Yooginae, which didn’t disappoint.  It must be our favorite Korean restaurant here.

We look forward to many more anniversaries together, wherever we may be.  

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