Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lowtay- Jie-Ee-Un-Chay

Lotte is a Korean company that owns department stores, candy shops and even Busan’s local baseball team. 

The Lotte Giants play at Sajik Stadium, where we’ve attended three of their games this past spring and summer.

In the stadium, fans may purchase all the game time essentials: pizza, fried chicken, hot dogs, and dried squid.  As long as it’s not in a glass bottle you can also bring in any of your own drinks to enjoy as you watch the games.  Reasonably priced drinks are available as well.
Sweet Potato Pizza
Each Giants player has their own individual song and chant, which even the youngest Giants supporters in the crowd seem to know.  Most of the players are local, however there are also team members from the US.  “Gar-Ooh-She-Uh,” (Garcia) hails from Mexico.

Sporadically throughout the games “Lotte Ji-E-Un-Chay” is chanted within the stadium.  This is the Korean pronunciation for “Giants.”  The wave, reverse wave and slow motion wave provide entertainment for the crowd during baseball’s inevitable down time.

In addition to the chanting and waves, another way to have fun at the games is to use the plastic bags (distributed by staff and intended for gathering garbage) as hats.  It’s obvious when they begin handing out the bags, because an apparent sea of orange becomes visible across the stadium.

Of the three games we’ve been to, The Giants have never lost.  Good luck?  We think so.  Go Giants!

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