Monday, November 1, 2010

Bizarre Beef Bonanza

On November 1st an unusual holiday is celebrated in South Korea.  Today is “Eat Korean Beef Day.”  The holiday is meant to familiarize people with one of the foods that Korea is most proud of.  Korean beef refers to beef manufactured from cows native to the country.  Many people in Korea regularly enjoy galbi, a type of barbecue beef.  In galbi restaurants the meat is brought to your table where you cook it yourself on a built-in grill.

After a co-worker brought the celebration to my attention this morning, I found a news story about this pop singer turned “Korean beef ambassador” promoting the holiday earlier today.  

How bizarre, right?!

As a vegetarian I won’t be partaking in the festivities, but I’m sure many others will be. 

Happy Eat Korean Beef Day... I guess.

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