Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Armistice Ceased

On Monday I gave my middle school writing class a routine journal assignment.  I asked them to write for ten minutes on a topic of their choice.  I never thought two days later one student’s writing would begin with this:
“Today North Korea bombed us in Yeon Pyong-do.”

The attack occurred yesterday, while South Korea was performing regular military drills off the peninsula’s shared coast.  North Korea sent a message ordering them to stop, and when the South didn’t follow those commands, the South Korean island of Yeon Pyong was attacked by North Korean artillery.  Claiming it was in self-defense (from a routine drill which was in no way harming them) the North broke the armistice agreement that has been in place since the Korean War’s end in 1953.

With North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il in ailing health, his son is set to become his successor.  It’s rumored that the son is attempting to prove himself to existing North Korean officials by exerting military power.  For now Ryan and I are watching the news closely and are on alert for any developments in the situation.  CNN's latest article is here.

As for our own discussions, our co-workers didn't mention it.  I talked the event over with some of my older students who all agreed the North is "crazy" and needs to stop these acts.  The same insightful student who wrote about the attack in his journal had this to say in class:  
“If they (North Korean leaders) have a brain they will stop.” 

His writing's closing also struck me: (Forgive the grammar).
“Maybe it can become a war and it’s going to be really big.  So we are so scared right now.  I wish we will stop fight and go back to peace again.”

If only it were that simple.  

We can hope, can’t we?

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