Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Korean Cooking (sort of)

Although we’ve been fairly adventurous with Korean food in restaurants, we’ve cooked it very little at home.

After being invited to a co-worker’s friend’s house recently and trying Yubuchobap, we decided to make it ourselves.  The delicious appetizer/light meal consists of dried and flavored tofu skins filled with seasoned rice.  Once we went looking for it, the ridiculously cheap and easy do-it-yourself kit turned out to be available at every grocery store in town.

We made the rice, tossed it with the provided apple cider vinegar and spices, and stuffed it into the edible envelopes.

Paired with the some fresh tofu, dipping sauces and seaweed, it made a quick and delicious dinner.

While we won't necessarily be making our own kimchi anytime soon, there may be more Korean cooking in our future.  Especially if it's as easy as Yubuchobap!


  1. YUM!!!
    Will you make this for me this summer when I see you?

  2. If I can find it at a store in Portland, yes!