Sunday, November 7, 2010

Babies Makin' Butter

Last week my four year olds made butter.  Or at least they attempted to. 

Following the guidelines of our curriculum, the smallest students in our school learned these action words: sleep, dance, sing, and count.  As an extension of the completed unit, the teacher's book suggested making butter (I’m not exactly sure why).  So we did.

First we “read” and colored little books explaining the process through pictures. 

The steps were as follows:
1. Pour whipping cream into a jar.
2. Put on the lid.
3. Shake, shake, shake!
4. Spread the butter on a cracker and enjoy.

We followed each step, with the kids getting a real kick out of step three, especially since the book’s CD provided a "Shake, shake, shake" song to go along with the action.   

Since their shakes were rather timid, instead of butter the result was more of a thin, creamy spread.  The kids and their little tummies didn’t seem to mind.  

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