Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flashback Weekend

One of my favorite family trips was an annual excursion to Rockaway Beach.  My parents and I would spend a few nights there during spring break, taking walks on the beach and cooking up spaghetti and artichokes in our cozy hotel kitchenette.  Over the weekend, Ryan and I joined some college friends back at Rockaway.  We celebrated two birthday girls with an 80's theme night, barbecue, bonfire, and beach town pub crawl.  A good time was had by all.
Ryan's jacket from the beach house closet...
Girls around the bonfire
Rockaway beach
We were just in time for the kite festival
It was always a tradition to visit this store
Boys on the boat
I made confetti cupcakes :)
We ♥ the 80's
Maegan the model
Dana and me
All the girls!

Tomorrow Ryan will head back to the coast to fulfill one of his New Year's goals.  He'll meet up with two friends to begin a bike ride from the California/Oregon border up to the Oregon/Washington border.  Wish him safety and luck!

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