Sunday, January 2, 2011


Like most people, I’ve made many New Year’s resolutions in my life.  Some that have stuck (switching to skim milk, limiting coffee to once a week, not biting my nails) and some that haven’t (cutting back on sugar, losing those last few pounds—hmm, maybe there’s a link there).

I was inspired by this list, taken from one of my favorite travel websites.  I especially love numbers 33, 43, 53, 58, 87, and 98. 

Ryan and I recently compiled a few resolutions of our own.

We’re both intending to study Spanish more often and continue the habit of reading more and watching less TV.  In addition:

Would like to…
Cycle the length of the Oregon coast

Hike from the gorge to the summit of Mt. Hood

Work towards firefighting certification prerequisites

Fill his salmon tag (catch the legal limit of salmon)

I’d like to…
Be punctual, and maybe even early

Reach my goal weight healthily

Stick with the 30-day shred for the month of February (Hello Thai beaches!)

Spend less time on Facebook and more time on The New York Times or CNN websites

Accept people for who they are and not expect more than they’re capable of giving

We’ll do our best to stick with these for 2011.  
Good luck with your own resolutions if you’re making them!

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