Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Belated Christmas Vacation

I'm still in denial that the holidays are coming to an end.  It honestly didn't really feel like Christmas this year until the actual weekend was upon us.  Ryan and I were back at work on Monday, proving that the holiday is definitely over.  Hannukah has also come and gone. 

It doesn't make it any easier that it's FREEZING here and all I want to do is stay in bed and continue the Christmas movies marathon I started last weekend. What's wrong with watching "Home Alone" on December 27th? 

It was definitely easier getting through the post-holiday week knowing it was only three days long.  We have today and Friday off! 
Our vacation couldn't have come at a better time. 
Well, besides last weekend...but that's ok.

Ryan and I are heading to Seoul for a few days with our extra time off.  I'm looking forward to taking the slow train up north (not too far), going for some winter walks, shopping at Myeondong, drinking a margarita (or three...) and just getting away for a little while.

  We'll be back in Busan Saturday night to ring in 2012.  It's a tradition here to watch the sun rise early on New Year's Day, which we'd love to do.  However since moving back to Korea my new bedtime is 9:45 pm.  Dawn is pushing it.  Maybe Ryan and I will just stay home in our PJs and drink champagne instead. 
 Wow I sound old...

Happy early New Year's weekend!

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