Saturday, March 20, 2010

Korea is part of a very small world

When I was three or four, my parents sent me to a Hindu daycare center.  I don’t remember much about it, besides the day they couldn’t find my blankie, but I did meet an important person there.  Petra and I became instant best friends.  We ended up at different elementary schools, and reunited when we ended up at the same middle school.  Again we were separated in high school, reuniting a second time in college.

I had lost touch with her, and then ran into a mutual friend of ours over the summer.  She told me Petra was teaching in Korea.  It turns out she was here in Busan.  Once Ryan and I decided we were going to come here, I sent her MANY messages on face book.  She was very patient and helpful in answering questions about our plans.  She told me what to bring and not to bring, where we would probably want to live and not live.  What was reasonable for a school’s contract. 

Last night we finally met Petra and her boyfriend for dinner, drinks and a few rounds of darts. Here we are over twenty years from the time we met. 
Although I didn’t bring any to Korea, I’d love to compare this picture to one from our four-year old days.  What a small world.

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  1. You and Petra in Korea. Who woulda thought!
    I remember The New Day School as if it were yesterday.
    You and Petra always hanging out together, running around
    outside... She looks just the same. Say "hi" to her for us!