Monday, March 22, 2010

Simple Beauty

As we were out and about this weekend, (more on that later) we saw these words on the side of a building.  We both really liked them.  Ryan says I can be a pessimist at times.  I don’t agree with that term, but I will admit that sometimes I don't always see the positive in things.  I’m trying hard to be more of an optimist.  Especially when working with children, it is so important to try and be positive.  I thought these words embodied looking on the bright side of things and I wanted to share them.

Also a beautiful picture Ryan took of the lone blossoming cherry tree in our neighborhood.  

Spring is here!


  1. I love the quote too. Everyone needs to learn to trust the sunshine at times :).

  2. I have not seen a single flower...but now I'm hopeful. Busan must be warmer.