Saturday, March 27, 2010

What we miss most

Although we have been ex-pats a mere month, there are definitely things about home we're already beginning to miss.  There are the cravings for Mexican food, a nice spicy Bloody Mary, and home baked cookies.  Of course we sometimes wish we had the ability to go fishing (lay on the dock while Ryan fishes), sit on our old balcony in the sun, walk to happy hour or a festival at the waterfront, and experience the beauty that is summertime in Oregon.

The opportunities we are having in Korea are amazing.  We are tremendously happy and glad we are having this adventure.

That being said, (and I’m trying hard not to sound too corny) we really miss our people.  We’ll be absent at four weddings over the next five months, countless birthdays, and my dad's one man art show next week.  That is extremely difficult. 

The reality of what we are missing hit home recently.  Last weekend Ryan's best friend and his longtime girlfriend got engaged, and last night, my best friend got engaged as well!  We are so, so happy for them and their new fiances.  Spending time with all of them over the last few years has been wonderful.  We wish we were home to help celebrate such a joyful time in their lives.  Both Dana and Brian were such an important part of our wedding, and we can't wait to see their own beautiful weddings in 2011.

Congratulations Dana and Chris!

Congratulations Brian and Ally!

We love you :)

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  1. We miss you two a bunch as well! Can't wait to celebrate with you when you return!