Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happiness in the small things

During our vacation last week, a co-worker of ours made the trek all the way back to her hometown of Montreal.  Before her departure, she was kind enough to ask if Ryan and I had any requests from North America.

We thought of all the things we missed at home, and narrowed it down to two simple non-perishable items: Campbell’s Tomato Soup and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

First thing Tuesday morning back at work, I found the bulging bag she had delivered on my desk.

I just about kissed her on the lips when I peered inside at the contents.

Not only were there six cans of soup and a large bottle of Frank’s, there were also dried black beans (hard to find here) and (drumroll please……..)

The latest US Weekly featuring “The Bachelorette”!  

These days I truly appreciate the little things in life.  Tomato soup from a can, good hot sauce, and trashy B-list celebrity gossip.  Please don't judge :)

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