Monday, August 30, 2010

Hair color humor

Today during a coloring activity with my five-year old students, one especially adorable little girl proudly gave each of the children in her workbook a unique and colorful head of hair.

“Look, teacha!  Pink hair!”  She announced, her pink crayon poised over the page.
“Yes,” I responded, “She has pink hair.”

“Look teacha, purple hair!”  She said, tugging on my arm to make sure I had heard her.
“He has purple hair,” I recognized.

“Teacha!  She has yellow hair!” She shouted again, excitedly.
Then the little girl paused for a moment in thought, tapped her long yellow crayon on the picture and said finally, “America!”
I chuckled and agreed aloud that some people in America and other countries too, have yellow hair.

A few seconds later she again requested my attention be given to her picture.
“Oh, blue hair,” I replied, nodding my head at her latest hair coloring job.
“No teacha,” she laughed, smiling and shaking her head.
Sky blue hair.”

Silly teacha.

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