Thursday, August 5, 2010

Indian food in Korea

Inspired by our wonderful dinners at Bagdad, an Indian restaurant in Jeju, on the last day of our vacation we ventured to Sasang here in Busan, an area known for its Indian and Middle Eastern vendors.  After a bus and subway ride totaling about forty-five minutes, we climbed the steps leading out of the station, turned a corner and found what we were looking for.   

The area itself was very run-down, and at the exact moment I said: “I forgot the camera but this area isn’t exactly picture-worthy,” a rat ran by in front of us.  Luckily this was after we’d purchased our food or my appetite might have dwindled.

In Sasang, four stores compete for business as they cater to locals and ex-pats craving curry, Indian spices, and unique fresh vegetables.  We’d been advised to compare the selection and prices at each store before buying.  Canned and boxed curry, byriani, cous-cous, lentils and Basmati rice were some of the items we came across among the stores.  We also found bottled lime juice and fresh cilantro to add to the fresh salsa we make.  From the frozen foods section we stocked up on samosas, naan and pita bread.  

We learned the owner of the last store we visited also runs an Indian restaurant in the featuring a weekend buffet.  Hopefully it will compare to Swagat, our favorite Indian place to dine when we're home.  Reviews to come once we try it out!

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