Monday, December 19, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas... if only in my dreams.

I thought it might get easier to be away from home during the holidays the second time around.  Wrong.  Part of me has been avoiding thoughts of family dinners, holiday parties and happy hours centered around good friends and yummy winter drinks.  Huber's Spanish Coffee, anyone?

But it's finally starting to feel like Christmas in our little apartment.  Our (fake) three foot tree is shining brightly.  A package from my parents brought some Hannukah gifts and Christmas stockings.  Pandora is blocked in Korea but Ryan's mom was kind enough to recommend Jango, a similar station that doesn't discriminate against countries outside the US.  Christmas music has been playing pretty much every second that we're home.

We also watched one of my all time favorite Christmas movies last week.  It was just as good the 47th time.  And maybe the most Christmasey thing of all: my recent manicure.

Even though I'm really missing home right now and all the wonderful people that I would love to share the holidays with, I'm trying to remember this:
And for now, my heart is here.

Ryan and I are looking forward to attending a Christmas work dinner tomorrow and a Hannukah party on Wednesday.  

It's going to be a great holiday week :) 

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